Yoga Los Angeles

Looking to increase flexibility, agility, and mental calmness? Yoga is what you need! With a regular practice you’ll find yourself becoming more balanced and you’ll gain a sense of well-being. Your work will be more productive and you’ll feel motivated to meet your goals!

Perhaps you’re looking to lose weight without feeling like you’re going through boot camp? With my yoga sessions you’ll get a wonderful strength training and a cardiovascular workout. I coordinate breath with poses to keep you focused and free of mental chatter.

After a hard day of work you may not feel like heading out a gym or yoga studio. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to try yoga, but you don’t quite feel ready to try a yoga studio. That’s where my mobile yoga service is here to assist! I make house calls or office calls. Practice yoga alone or gather a few friends and enjoy a semi-private yoga session.

Private Practice

Private practice is perfect for the person who wants to enjoy yoga from the comfort of their home or office. It’s great for those who don’t want to jump into a yoga studio or who have a limited schedule and prefer the practice to come to them!

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